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CYGE Science & Technology Park groundbreaking ceremony was held successfully

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2019/04/21 16:00

New era, new CYGE! In this beautiful season of bright spring and the recovery of all things, we will hold the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the second phase of the CYGE Science & Technology Park “High Performance Magnetic Functional Materials and Power Device Industry Project”. March 15th is the most quality day, we ushered in the CYGE Technology Park opening ceremony! It marks the beginning of a new milestone in the development of CYGE, which is the first exemplary project of the National Thousand People Plan in Loudi city. Hua Xuejian, deputy secretary of the Loudi Municipal Party Committee, came to CYGE to visit and investigate the industry, choose Loudi city, embrace CYGE, serve the world! With the strong leadership of the party and the government, CYGE Technology will have no hesitation in innovation and creation, and actually run a good business, rooted in the development of Loudi city, CYGE business, will stand like a giant stone forever!

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